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The original Elicina cream is the product responsible for the Snail Cream skin care revolution. This extraordinary formula is light, completely free of perfumes, dyes, oils and harsh additives.

This cream is specially recommended for:

  1. Acne Treatment: Since the Original Elicina cream has no oils, it is the perfect product to eradicate, once and for all, your acne and all its unsightly effects: pimples, clogged pores, black heads, cystic acne lesions and, of course, those dreaded acne scars. Elicina is a natural skin regenerator with strong anti-bacterial properties. You will see how your skin recovers its natural balance and radiance without any of the nasty side effects that other acne medications have. With continued use, you will even see how your poked marks, scars and dark spots fade away!

  2. Scar Fading: Elicina became famous for ERASING, naturally, all types of scars, skin blemishes, even raised keloids. Elicina is a MUST for the care of any surgical scar, specially after plastic surgical procedures. Elicina is so powerful as a scar fading substance that is used for the treatment of burned children in Coaniquen's Foundation, in Chile.

  3. Stretch Mark Fading: Elicina is one of the few products available that it will help repair the heavy structural damage of stretch marks. Elicina contains a high concentration of natural collagen, that binds to skin to help it regenerate from the inside up. Even old, grayish stretch marks will fade and skin will improve with constant use.

  4. Facial Brightening of Oily and Combination Skin: Elicina will keep your skin looking young, bright and line free without adding any oils that might cause oily or combination skin to break out.

  5. Wrinkles and expression lines: Elicina will fade away the undesirable signs of ageing without interfering with your regular cosmetics or makeup . You can continue using your favorite products! In fact, you will notice they work better after when used after applying Elicina, since your skin will have better texture and brilliance. Since Elicina gently exfoliates away dead cells, any other creams or lotions will be absorbed faster and reach deeper skin layers, offering more benefit to your overall skin appearance.

Take advantage of our Free First Class Shipping option in the USA, and discounted international shipping fees to experience, first hand, the incredible benefits that the Original Elicina Cream will bring to your complexion.


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Original Elicina Cream 40 grams
SKU: 891007000014
$24.00 (€20.88)
Market price: $36.00 , save 33%
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Original Elicina ECO Cream 50 ml
$26.00 (€22.62)
Market price: $49.00 , save 47%
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Original Elicina ECO Pocket 20 grams
$16.00 (€13.92)
Market price: $25.00 , save 36%
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Offer: Four Original Elicina Pocket 20 grams each
SKU: B001C3ZO1O11
$54.00 (€46.98)
Market price: $119.96 , save 55%
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Original Elicina Pocket 20 grams
$14.00 (€12.18)
Market price: $29.99 , save 53%
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Two Original Elicina Pocket 20 grams each
SKU: B001C3ZO1O1
$26.00 (€22.62)
Market price: $59.98 , save 57%
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Original Elicina Duo - 40 grams plus 20 grams Combo
SKU: 1401492P
$38.00 (€33.06)
Market price: $67.99 , save 44%
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Offer: Two Original Elicina Creams, 40 grams each
SKU: 891007000014-2
$46.99 (€40.88)
Market price: $73.90 , save 36%
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Offer: Three Original Elicina Creams, 40 grams each
SKU: 891007000014-3
$68.90 (€59.94)
Market price: $110.85 , save 38%
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Offer: Four Original Elicina Creams, 40 grams each
SKU: 891007000014-4
$85.00 (€73.95)
Market price: $147.80 , save 42%
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