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FAQ about Elicina Products

1- How should I use Elicina?

Elicina should be applied twice a day, over clean skin. We recommend that you use both natural, non abrasive soap and clarifying or tonic lotion (astringent) to better prepare the skin for the benefits of Elicina. Once the skin is clean, cover the area to be treated with a thin layer of Elicina cream, and massage gently, with circular motion, until completely absorbed. You can follow with any moisturizer and/or makeup of your choice.

Elicina should not be applied more than twice a day in facial skin. You can use is as many as four times a day in any other part of the body. To fade hand spots, you must use Elicina every time after you wash your hands.

2- Can I continue using my regular creams and/or makeup in conjunction with Elicina?

You can use, with absolute confidence, any type of product, lotion, makeup or masks WITH THE EXCEPTION of exfoliant products or any cosmetics that contains glycolic acid. Elicina already exfoliates in a more natural, gentle way!

3- Does Elicina also work on old scars?

As a general rule, every old skin lesion is harder to fade away than when treated at an earlier stage. However, fading of old scars con be accomplished, but it will take longer. Best results can be obtained but it takes longer, 3 to 4 months of daily use (twice a day). For body scars, it is possible to apply Elicina three times a day. We do not recommend trice a day applications on facial skin, since it is more delicate and might not withstand 3 daily applications well.

Remember to be consistent in Elicina's use in order to see results. You must have in mind that all skins are different; some will see results before others.

4- After my pregnancy I ended up with many stretch marks, can Elicina help me diminish them?

Stretch marks have three phases:
1st - Purple colored stretch mark: this is the stretch mark in its first phase and is easier to fade away applying Elicina.
2nd - Pink colored stretch mark: second phase, here it is still possible to diminish the stretch mark although it would take longer. (2 months aprox.)
3rd - White colored stretch mark: third phase, there are not many surgical or cosmetic solutions to deal with this problem. Nevertheless, Many users have experienced improved appereance of these type of stretch marks after 4 months of regular, daily use: the stretch mark will have improved texture and color.

Results depend on two factors, first, the phase where the stretch mark is at that point and secondly, on the type of skin. All skins act differently from one to another. Generally, people who use Elicina have seen results in the first month of use: consistency is of most importance.

The most effective treatment when dealing with stretch marks is prevention: To avoid stretch marks appearing during pregnancy we recommend using Elicina throughout this whole period in the more susceptible areas. With only 2 applications a day you can avoid these undesirable marks on your skin.

Furthermore, Elicina has an extremely rapid absorption. You don’t have to ”wait 15 minutes” for it to absorb and then dress. In seconds you will be ready to go and the best of all is that it is odorless, a factor that could complicate any pregnant woman’s existence, quite a bit. That is quite a difference with the common, greasy stretch mark creams available!

5- Could Elicina help me fight my psoriasis?

While there are documented cases where individuals showed noticeable improvement on their psoriasis areas with daily Elicina use, some persons see no improvement at all. Even though we assure safety with the use of Elicina, our policy on this matter is to consult your physician first. We feel it is unethical to encourage use to our customers of something we are not absolutely certain it will work on 100% of the cases.

6- Could Elicina help me fight vitiligo?

Definitely not. We have provided Elicina to people with this problem and unfortunately there were no changes at all.

7- I have dry skin: Can I use Elicina on my face?

Use ELICINA PLUS instead of the original Elicina cream formula, since it has the same 80% of snail extract and added moisturizers on the remaining 20% of the formula. This carefully selected humectants give your skin a balanced and effective moisture. Elicina Plus' formulation gives your skin a refreshing sensation of elasticity and firmness.

Elicina Plus is ideal for all of those with dry and/or sensitive skin that require more humectants in order to avoid irritation, dryness and tightness caused by the exfoliant action of the Glycolic Acid that comes naturally in the snails extract.

8- Can Elicina be used by children?

Yes. Elicina is a natural and hypoallergenic cream fit for all kinds of skins and age including children. COANIQUEM (Corporation for the burned children, in Chile) uses it for patient treating of skin grafts due to burns (children) with extraordinary results.

9- Is Elicina an effective Acne treatment?

Absolutely! Elicina is one of the most complete acne solutions available in the market. It tackles almost all of acne related problems:

  • Elicina's natural exfoliating action cleans away dead cells to avoid pore clogging and sebum accumulation, the leading cause of acne lesions, without the need of chemical peels, abrasion or the use of harsh substances.
  • Snail secretion present in Elicina contains natural antibiotics, to help you keep infection at bay
  • Elicina's natural Allantoin will heal any blemish in record time, and fade previous acne related marks and scars.
  • Elicina will will help balance your skin: it will not be so oily and prone to breakouts as before.
  • Most of acne treatment products require a prescription or have undesirable side effects. Not Elicina! You can use this wonderful product as long as you want, without any worry about side effects.

10- Is Elicina an effective anti-wrinkle / anti ageing treatment?

Absolutely! Elicina's natural exfoliating brings out the inner skin layers naturally, fading expression lines and wrinkles. In addition, Elicina is a skin regenerator, thanks to Snail Serum natural Allantoin and Collagen. Your skin will improve in tone, firmnesses and elasticity. Apply Elicina twice a day, preferably in the morning and at night, to yield the most benefits.

11- Does Elicina help with uneven pigmentation patches?

Yes: Elicina is superior to many known skin lighters to fade away uneven pigmentation patches, caused by age, too much sun exposure, contaminants, hormonal changes. Elicina will gradually fade these type of blemished areas, revealing normal tone skin.

12- Is Elicina effective against sun damage or dark sun spots?

With constant, twice a day application, Elicina will fade those undesirable dark spots caused by sun damage, while helping you skin recover its natural tone and balance.

13- Can Elicina be used year round?

Yes. Elicina cream can be used without any restrictions. Most persons prefer to switch from the original Elicina cream to Elicina Plus during winter time, since most skins become drier do to lack of sudoration and indoor heating.

14- Is Elicina a medicinal cream or a cosmetic product?

Elicina is NOT a medicinal cream. Is a cosmetics, intended fro the embellishment of your skin. While Elicina does a wonderful work with many skin problems that are traditionally treated by medications, its use is not substitute for a professional opinion.

15- Is Elicina an Organic Cosmetic by USA or European standards?

Even though Elicina's formula is based in a 100% natural ingredient, the Helix Aspersa Muller snail secretion, it is not an Certified Organic formula, per USA and European standards. Those standards regulate not only the active ingredients, but the excipients (fillers, preservatives, etc) present on a formula. Note that 98% of all cosmetics in the market are NOT certified organic formulas!

16- What are the ingredients found on Elicina?

The original Elicina formula contains 80% Snail Secretion filtrate, with a 20% cream base that includes mineral oil, propyleneglicol, stearic acid, cetil alcohol, sodium laurisulphate, diazonidinil urea, methylparaben, popylparaben, triethanolamine. They allow for a shelf life of two years (24 months) and an odourless and white appearance.  Below you will find a detailed description of each one of the additional ingredients found on the cream base:

  • Natural mineral oil:  It has long been used in cosmetics and is useful in treating dry skin.
  • Propyleneglicol:   It is a combination of glycerin and water, a humectant in cosmetics. The most common moisture-carrying vehicle in cosmetics other than water. A skin conditioner and viscosity-decreasing agent necessary to make the secretions into a cream.
  • Stearic acid:   It is an essential saturated fatty acid (EFAs), one of the fifty nutrients needed to sustain your body's good health. It serves as a softener in cosmetics and in low quantities it is not irritating. Also called OCTADECANOIC ACID, one of the most common organic long-chain fatty acids, found in combined form in natural animal and vegetable fats. Is prepared commercially by treating animal fats with water at high temperature and at high pressure. It can also be obtained from the hydrogenation of vegetable oils, including cottonseed oil.
  • Cetil alcohol:  It is a natural emollient and emulsifier derived from palm oil.
  • Sodium laurisulphate SLS:  It is a white powder used as a detergent, emulsifier, and surfectant (tension reducer) in cosmetics. A reduced surface tension gives a product better absorption into the skin and promotes spreading of the product. SLS is also a very strong degreaser and is used as a water "softener". Contained in the cream in minimum quantity. There has been a huge scare surrounding the use of SLS and SLES but studies have never linked it to negative health implications.
  • Diazonidinil urea:  It is the body's own natural moisturizer (a mixture of Carbon Dioxide and Ammonium). Urea attracts and retains moisture in the corneum layer - increasing water absorption. It is synthezized naturally in the body, passing through the skin and acting as a true moisturizer along the way. Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and deodorizing actions allow it to protect the skin's surface against negative changes).
  • Methylparaben and Popylparaben:   The original Elicina formula contains less than 0.1% of these substances, used to preserve that which is good, pure and unspoiled!  They are basically preservatives, widely used in cosmetics, that are non-toxic, non irritating and they are able to destroy or inhibit the growth of yeast and mold which otherwise would spoil the finished product before it is used.
  • Triethanolamine: It is a solvent for the preservatives (in minute quantity). It solves the problem of stability of the preservative over a broad range of pH and temperature conditions. Commonly used in shaving cream and other toiletries as a solvent.

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