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Below you will find a list of the most common questions we receive from our customers, both for Elicina products and the features of our website.

We are constantly updating this section to incorporate new information, based on our customer's feedback.  

FAQ about Elicina Products

FAQ about this website

  1. How should I use Elicina?
  2. Can I continue using my regular creams and/or makeup in conjunction with Elicina?
  3. Does Elicina work on old scars?
  4. After my pregnancy I ended up with many stretch marks, can Elicina help me diminish them?
  5. Could Elicina help me fight my psoriasis?
  6. Could Elicina help me fight vitiligo?
  7. I have dry skin: Can I use Elicina on my face?
  8. Can Elicina be used by children?
  9. Is Elicina an effective acne treatment?
  10. Is Elicina an effective anti-wrinkle / anti ageing treatment?
  11. Does Elicina help with uneven pigmentation patches?
  12. Is Elicina effective against sun damage or dark sun spots?
  13. Can Elicina be used year round?
  14. Is Elicina a medicinal cream or a cosmetic product?
  15. Is Elicina an Organic Cosmetic by USA or European standards?
  16. What are the ingredients found on Elicina?
  1. Company Information
  2. Is www.elicina.co a secured place for purchasing online?
  3. How can I pay for my order?
  4. What are my shipping choices and costs?
  5. Where do the orders ship from?
  6. How long will my orders take to be delivered?
  7. Are parcels insured? Am I protected against loss, thefts or damages?
  8. How can I trace my parcels?
  9. How can I view past orders?
  10. How can I return a purchase?
  11. Is my personal information secured?
  12. Does Elicina USA send promotional emails?
  13. Can I fax my order?
  14. Can I place an order over the phone?
  15. Does Elicina USA deliver internationally?
  16. How can I be notified of future promotions?

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