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New! Elicina Corporal Lotion

The genuine Elicina Corporal Lotion regenerates the skin thanks to the healing effects of Helix Aspersa Muller extract: this incredible body lotion contains 50% of snail extract and 50% hydrating agents. It has a soft scent and light texture, making it a pleasure to use. Each application enhances the positive effects you will see in your skin: its convenient pump and economical size (a full 300 mL!) makes this corporal lotion ideal for every day use.

What makes the Elicina Corporal Lotion so different from any other corporal moisturizing cream or lotion?

1) Fights off skin irritations, produced by chemicals, shaving or allergies. You will see how your skin calms and recuperates its normal color tone, consistency and moisture level. You would need expensive prescription lotions to achieve all that!

2) Ideal for after sun bathing: it regenerates, in record time, the ill effects of sun burns!

3) Ideal for people with extra dry, scaly skin: You will not find a more effective corporal moisturizer in the market.

4) A must skin care during and after pregnancy: nothing will help you fight stretch marks as Elicina Corporal Lotion.

5) A must for scar care after surgery!

Note: This lotion is an excellent complement to our original Elicina cream, 40 Grams: many people use the original cream in the areas were more intensive treatment is needed, and the body lotion all over. For intensive treatment of scars, queloids, age spots and stretch marks, the more concentrated Original Elicina cream is recommended.


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Intensive Treatment Combo: Original Elicina Cream plus Elicina Body Lotion
$80.00 (€69.60)
Market price: $146.95 , save 46%
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New! Original Elicina Corporal Mini Cream 100 ml
$34.00 (€29.58)
Market price: $52.00 , save 35%
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Offer: Three Original Elicina Corporal Cream 300 mL each
$160.00 (€139.20)
Market price: $330.00 , save 52%
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Offer: Two Original Elicina Corporal Cream 300 mL each
$110.00 (€95.70)
Market price: $220.00 , save 50%
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Original Elicina Corporal Cream 300 mL
$60.00 (€52.20)
Market price: $110.00 , save 45%
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