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New! Elicina XT for Eyelids

Exclusive new product from Elicina Cosmetics: Elicina XT Eyelid and Eye Contour cream, the best product for the most delicate (and aging prone!) skin in your face.

Elicina XT is a light, easily absorbed formula that combines the extraordinary exfoliating and regenerating power of Helix Aspersa Muller snail extract with Llanten, a natural herb native of South Chile that is commonly used to create a strong tea used to disinfect and heal wounds: two powerful natural skin regenerators in one powerful formula.

You will be able to kiss away those unsightly crow feet and expression lines around your eyes. Your skin will be toned, elastic, resilient and puff free. A must for contact lenses wearer, as constant manipulation brings havoc in this delicate area.

With constant, daily use, you will see renovated, liminous eyelid skin that does nto sag, is line free with no dark cirles!

How to apply correctly Elicina XT (or any other eyelid cream):

  • Firstly, eye creams should be applied right after you have applied toner or toning lotion on a cleansed face.
  • Put a little eye cream (you don’t need to use a lot during each application, just a very small squeeze or pump will do) on the tip of your fourth or ring finger.
  • Gently rub the eye cream between both your fourth fingers and place your fingers on each side of your temple.
  • Gently tap your fingers downwards, at your eyebag areas and then upwards onto your eyelid areas. Basically, you should tap those fingers all around your eyes, and finally ending at the temples once again.
  • Repeat this gentle tapping around the eyes with your fourth fingers for 2 more rounds.

The reason why you should always gently tap in the eye cream and not use rubbing motions is that the rubbing motions will tend to create fine eye lines around the eyes over time. Also, when you rub the cream on, you will also tend to be pulling your skin which is not recommended at the sensitive skin around the eyes. The idea of using eye creams is to take care and enhance your look, and it is unfortunate that wrong application methods could prove damaging.

Are you also asking why you should use your ring finger to apply your eye cream and not the index or middle finger? This is because you want to tap the areas around your eyes very gently and both the index and third fingers are often very well used and therefore quite strong. Even when you gently tap the delicate skin around your eyes with these stronger fingers, you may be exerting too much strength for the good of your sensitive skin. The fourth fingers are normally under utilized and therefore not as strong in strength compared to your index and middle fingers. So when you tap around your eyes, the touch and pressure is softer and more appropriate for your skin. Try it out and see if you feel the difference in the pressures of your fingers.

Elicina XT comes in a convenient 15 grams jar.


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Offer: Two Original Elicina XT Eyelids 15 ml each
$55.00 (€47.85)
Market price: $150.00 , save 63%
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Original Elicina ECO XT Eyelids 15 Grams
$32.70 (€28.45)
Market price: $65.00 , save 50%
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Original Elicina XT Eyelids 15 ml
$29.70 (€25.84)
Market price: $75.00 , save 60%

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