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Elicina products offered in Auction sites: Are they a good bargain?

We all love a good bargain, and an educated shopper can benefit from the best prices in quality merchandise.  Here are a few pointers to make sure you get the most bang for your buck:

  1. Original Elicina products are manufactured by only one company:  Elicina Cosmetics, located in Santiago, Chile.  They do not sell they products to the public directly, but through they authorized resellers located around the world.
  2. Elicina Cosmetics has a universal pricing sheet for all their resellers worldwide.  Therefore, all companies selling authentic Elicina products pay the same cost for their inventory.  The savings individual resellers are able to offer are due to smart distribution and shipping logistics, as well as running an efficient enterprise cost-wise.
  3. Frequently, you will see auction sites like EBay, UBid or Amazon that offer Elicina products at discounted prices.  These creams are, in all certainty, NO ORIGINAL ELICINA BRAND PRODUCTS.  Elicina cosmetics not only does not supply products to auction sellers but it prohibits any authorized reseller to use the Elicina brand on those type of markets.
  4. A frequent complain from users that purchased their cream from auction sites is "your product seem to work better, why?":  Our Elicina works as well as any original Elicina:  we do not offer any magic improvement over the authentic products.  What our customers experienced when they purchased Elicina from auction sites was a tampered product:  Unscrupulous auction sellers usually open the jars and re-fill them with a lesser quality cream (they "make" two or three creams out of the content of one single jar), or simply use counterfeit jars and boxes filled with substitute cream.... there is a very healthy trade of "Elicina like" packaging in the Internet!   That is why the auction cream does not seem to work as well as the one purchased from an authentic reseller... it is not original Elicina!
  5. Are "Elicina like" products effective?  There is no way to know!  Unless you have the means to analyze, chemically, the component of the cream you purchased at an auction site, you never really know. 
  6. Every Elicina cream comes in a box, completely sealed with a tight cellophane wrapper.  If your product is not sealed, IT IS NOT AN ORIGINAL ELICINA BRAND CREAM.  If the seal had "give", it is loose or unglued,  IT IS NOT AN ORIGINAL ELICINA BRAND CREAM.
  7. How good are the prices offered in auction sites?  Not that great...at most, you will be able to "save" $0.50 or a whole dollar....but you will have to pay a hefty shipping fee, eating away any perceived savings!

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